Natraj Pencil Packing Job

natraj pencil packing job

About Natraj Company

information of Natraj Pencil Packing Company Since dependability is the defining characteristic of our products, we manufacture them under the strictest brilliant controls, supported by the beneficial use of years of research and development. Our 10 factories, which are currently dispersed across 5 remarkable sites in India, employ the most recent technology and make use of the best raw materials to give our products an unmatched brilliance. To achieve flawless, shining standards, every single thing, including the pencil lacquer, sharpener blade, screws, and pen’s tips, is created in-house.

No wood from a forested area is used in the production of pencils anymore. Our concern for the environment has resulted in an increase in private plantations. 

Additionally, we buy wood from farmers who each grow trees on their farms, on their land, or in the courtyards of their homes. This exercise guarantees a continuous supply of consistently beautiful wood. Additionally, it enables the preservation of ecological equilibrium and biodiversity. With the help of the commercial enterprise, ongoing efforts are undertaken to improve business practises and maximise resource consumption in order to stop environmental degradation. The company enterprise only employs non-toxic substances. Efforts are also being made in research and development to transition to environmentally friendly water-based lacquers and PVC-free formulations.

The Nataraj Research Centre & Training College in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, offers excellent trainer training with a focus on paramedical and specialised knowledge on cerebral palsy, mental retardation, attention deficit disorder, and special impairments. natraj pencil packing job, Nataraj Special School for Cerebral Palsy Children About 100 kids have received care and education from the institute in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. KLJ Institute of Deaf and Dumb: The institute uses technology to provide guidance to children who are differently abled but have hearing or vision impairments, as well as education and vocational training to aid in their integration into society at large.

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